Yuka Kurihara
Managing director/Guide/Driver

She is very interested in Māori culture, the uniqueness of the wildlife and their emphasis on conservation. Since she got a resident visa, she has thought of what she can do for this country. She started as a volunteer guide and then she found that speaking two languages(English and Japanese) could be her strength.

Her career as a tour guide started in 2015. She met and enjoyed sharing her knowledge and experience with many Japanese tourists. She learnt much from researching the answers to their questions. They were quite keen on Maori culture. She realised there are similarities between Maori and Japanese. She starts to learn Te Reo Māori(Maori language) and Māori Tikanga(Maori custom).

She loves to share her experience with people. That brought her to start ‘Aotearoaholic Tours’.

She was born in Gumma, 120km north-west from Tokyo. She grew up in Fukuoka and Yokohama. She moved to Aotearoa, New Zealand, 2011.



Kentaro Kurihara
Operations Manager/Website Administrator

He is an experienced chef and he is operations manager of Aotearoaholic Tours. He loves cooking that’s why chef is the perfect job for him. He really enjoys and loves the life in Aotearoa, New Zealand. He has moved to Auckland since 2007. He has been traveled around New Zealand both North and South Island. He loves taking care of people and take them to his favorite places.  He is originally from Osaka, Japan.